Sunday, October 8, 2017

Here's some Halloween work!

and I just realized I posted a blog post on my just art page. Oh, well. It's pretty much about me and what and why things are the way the are. Sorry for the tmi stuff.

Thought I'd post

It's been awhile since I've written. Mainly, because I've been busy with school, finishing up the post bac program...thinking of masters degree. But mostly, wanting to start teaching. Lots of good things are happening and that is promising. The biggest thing I went through was a surgery in September. I didn't realize I had an umbilical hernia. Most likely happening between the close births of my eldest daughters. This means I probably had it for about 14 years. This summer it progressed from pain to the worst pain I've had. There are specifics that I'd prefer to forget but anyone can look them up regarding a strangulated hernia. To be quite frank, all functions were going to zero and my feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts were abounding. Skip ahead to after surgery, all thoughts are optimistic, energy level is increasing to beyond my imagination and I feel like a new lease on life. It's an incredible feeling. It really does. It feels sort of like being on the edge of disappearing and then, someone (my doctors), opening up a whole new path to life. I feel very lucky and I feel that people should check for these things even more, hernias, that is. The combination of hypothyroidism and having an undiagnosed hernia seems to be what has been holding me back all these years. When I think of all the issues I went through, the impatience of some people, the cruelty of others (you would not believe how abusive people can be to those who are fat or intolerance to those who are ill), to my own intolerance of my self ( I did a fair number of angry self thoughts), my own vanity and impatience and lack of understanding and so on, I'm glad to be where I am now. I don't feel angry anymore. I feel more at ease with my self and more at peace with how things are going. I am very grateful to be alive.

If I were a doctor, I would want to be able to do this for others: Make them feel better. It's simple and so true. I hope more people, regardless of profession, try to make each person feel better. It's hard to do but worth it, even a little.

Anyway, so, that is the biggest news. For healing, I'd say, I'm about 85%. There are still twinges but my God, I can lay on my tummy mostly comfortably and not feel sick. I'm still fat but I don't care. I love me and I'm so happy to be well. <3 and="" be="" care="" center="" for="" from="" kind="" love.="" love="" nbsp="" out="" p="" self.="" self="" spread="" the="" to="" your="">

<3 and="" be="" care="" center="" for="" from="" kind="" love.="" love="" nbsp="" out="" p="" self.="" self="" spread="" the="" to="" your="">

Friday, July 28, 2017

Book signing at Hollidaysburg Library

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Great time at the library signing books and reading our work. If you want to get a copy, you can order through amazon or contact Deb for a signed copy.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer time 2017 and deer

It's finally summer and I've been getting over a pose of colds, finishing up subbing, deadlines for various projects, kid care, the saying good-byes to our rector at our parish and just keeping busy with life. On a simpler note, we now have pet snails. Fun and self contained, it's a good thing. 

With the kids at home, we're messier than ever but mostly just having a good time. I just wish it would warm up a little. Very damp and cold for summer but I'm sure it will warm up soon enough. I still can't believe it's June. It feels like so much is happening...activities for the kids, Father's Day, home maintenance, and doing summer classes. But that is life. It's better than being bored and not better our selves, that's for certain.

I've been reading various art education journals and expand my reading base. I'm nearly done with my art certification and I'm debating whether I want to go into the masters program. Perhaps. I would like to get my praxis accomplished and start teaching, however. Once this is established, go back and get my masters at my own speed. Yes, I do things slower then most but, at least I'm doing it. 

My other goal is to workout more often. If there is one thing I learned subbing, you're constantly moving around. I want to get fit to match those steps for 4 flights. So, I'm going to have to get serious about a schedule. Otherwise, I will slack off. That's just me. I need the structure. 

Also, I have plans to do some major cleaning out of the house. A lot of things to donate/sell and clear out. I need space for two reasons: 1 to make a space for a possible 2nd bathroom and 2nd to reorganize for a space if my mom moves in with us. This could be a real possibility and I'd be so glad to have her here. But I need to clear out stuff first. 

That's one thing with hypothyroidism, you don't realize how things get let go of when you're not feeling well. You just put off taking care of things because you don't have the energy. I was exhausted for so much of the time and angry/frustrated that I couldn't do all the plans I wanted to do. Now that I know it was my body being ill, I have more forgiveness and kindness for not being where I imagined I'd be. I'm just glad I'm getting my self ironed out a little, even if I'm still not healed yet. 

Now for the deer part. I taught a paint class this evening and on the way home, a deer jumped out in front of my car as I drove up a windy road. We are both fine but it was amazing, scary and beautiful all at once. I would have felt differently should we had collided. I'm glad I was driving slowly (actually enjoying the setting sun in pinks and yellow) and this wood spirit comes leaping out. I hope she found her self safely to friends. <3 div="" nbsp="">

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Here's my first book from several years ago

I self published this one and it was a reflection of a busy mom with little kids. I still don't know how I did it...and to top off that I was undiagnosed with hypothyroid, it really amazes me. Things I would have changed, maybe have a separate book specifically for paper dolls and really just the writing. Oh, and not put my post office box on there (it's expired). Oh, well...sort of like a stamp of the times. Still, it's great to see it and now I want to write another story. :) Emily and Mr. Nelson