Would you like to commission some work? Costs vary according to work: digital work, paintings and wood carvings.

Digital work: $25 and must include artist and website. This is a fun project that lets you get creative! Do you have a someone in mind who is difficult to get a gift for? Send me their image or a photo of their pet, and I will make some magic happen!

Pug on a suitcase


Paintings: Small (under 8 by 10 inches)-$25, Medium (8 by 10 inches)-$50, Large (12 by 24 inches)-$100.
Rabbit family (example)

Butterfly (example)
Wood Carvings: small-$25 (ornament size), medium-$50 (roughly 8 by 10), large-$100 (roughly 12 by 24 inches)

Pieces for Christmas need to be ordered by December 5th at the latest to insure postal delivery. Late orders please add an additional $25 to your request.

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