Back on-line!

After quite a few changes and upheavals within our server and such, we finally are redirecting to this spot to make it easier to maintain, add new paintings and works of art as well as just start fresh! This will be an on-going change, as anyone who is Internet savvy knows, but one where you will still be able to find me and what I'm doing in the art-wise!

Anyway, I'll be putting on some places I'm selling my work...cafepress, Etsy and of course, eBay! I'm gearing up for the holidays and am creating more themed works for Halloween, Christmas and one special shirt for cafepress involving a beloved critter! Hope to have that up soon...check back for more info!

As a celebration for my "new" spot, I'm have a drawing. The person will win an ACEO painting and a stuffed Guinea pig in a Halloween theme! Just leave a comment and some way to reach you (email, blog, etc) and I'll put your name in the drawing hat!

Good luck! :)


Guinea Pig Fun said…
What fun ... I love the drawings! :)
walker1 said…
Emily, great to see you are back. I love your work and every time I look at it I smile. It gives me such joy. Please don't ever stop using your gift-we are all blessed by it. Walker1
Phantasma said…
So nice to see you're back! We love your Hallowe'en goodness (and so do all who come to visit our home!).... Can't wait to see all your wonderful creations for this year!
dstern5 said…
Hi there!!

Thanks so much for your recent emails and keeping me up to date!! It's so nice to see that you got your website up and running again!! I still have my guinea pig water colors - and love them just as much as the day I bought them!!

Another great place to sell your work it!! I currently sell my notecards on there and it's very good business!! Look for me on there if you sign up!!!!

Best of luck to you!! :-D

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