Happy New Year!

Thought I'd freshen up my website a bit. :) Hope you like the change...I was a bit reluctant to see the bunny and snowman go, but have to admit this looks pretty sweet. :)

I've been working up a storm...even while sick and tending to an active 1 yr old as well as family life (driving kids to school in snowy weather is a bit taxing on the nerves). I finished over 15 paintings which I will try to have up this week on eBay. I'd also like to start putting up work on etsy as well. Need to get things rolling for the new year! :)

Also, I found out I've been blogging for over 6 years at my blog, galleryedge.blogspot.com! I need to do some sort of a contest in honor of this. I think it's a rather good sign I've kept up my blog (even if a few pics got lost...before I knew about flickr). So, stay tuned for this.

All this "Staying inside because it's freezing outside" has given me more time to create new works of art. So, I should have a few things up about soon.


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